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Clients & Partners

Clients & Partners

Eurokos is a well known and respected company within the construction industry and has successfully collaborated with other companies on many joint initiatives. Single or joint projects, Eurokos remains committed to offering our customers a complete package in modern construction and engineering services.


– Ministry of Transport and Comunications – Kosovo
– Ministry of Transport and Public Services – Albania
– Ministry of Economic – Macedonia
– Kellogg Brown & Root Services Inc. – Kosovo
– Municipal’s of  Kosovo



Integrali Prishtinë
Tali Gjilan
Papennburg&Ardijani Ferizaj
Eskavatori Ferizaj
Bageri Ferizaj
Drenica Ferizaj
Famis Comerce Therandë
Unicom Therandë
Viktoria Invest Therandë
Aek Prishtinë
Kag Asfallt Prizren

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